Dideka Beja To Drop New Album Titled “Ingumlilo Lento”

Dideka Beja set to drop new album titled "Ingumlilo Lento"

announces plans to drop a brand new album titled “Ingumlilo Lento”.

It has been a crazy set of weeks since the beginning of the lockdown but many have found various ways to let ease the stress. Mzansi star, and his mother, have been engaging in worship Sessions, some of which they have shared with his fans on social media.

Now, we hear they are taking things to a whole other level. The talented singer recently took to his page to reveal that his mother is in the process of recording her own album. This should be great news for everyone who found her singing uplifting.

Sharing clips from their rehearsals, he revealed the title of the album to be “Ingumlilo Lento”. From what we hear, it’s going to really be mind blowing. We can’t wait to get a release date for the album.