Didintle Khunou Joins The Cast Of “Generations: The Legacy”

Didintle Khunou is in a happy place right now, having just secured a role in “Generations: The Legacy,” one of the longest-running and also one of the most popular series in South Africa.

But then, her getting the role wouldn’t come as a surprise to those who have been following her career odyssey. Already, she has featured in numerous television productions.

So her getting the role in generations is more than a recognition of her acting chops and the faith in her ability to interpret the character she was chosen to play.

In “Generations: The Legacy,” she plays the character Tumelo Gcabashe, a financial expert whose experience transcends numbers, with patent links to criminal elites and businesses.

That’s quite the role for a lady who knows her onions. Khunou herself is excited to have been picked for the role and eager to show her acting chops to the general public.

Well, since the news of her getting the role made the rounds online, she has been getting notes of congratulations from her fans, with most of them expressing their faith in her acting and her ability to give the best as the character Tumelo Gcabashe.

It doesn’t look like she would dash their hopes.

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