Die Antwoord Sells Out 2024 Tour Tickets

At a time when bands are disappearing from the scene, the South African collective Die Antwoord is seemingly growing in strength. After what should pass for a brief hiatus, the band erupts again, announcing a European tour.

But that may not even be the news for most people at this point, the announcement of the tour having been made a while back. The big news is that the tour has actually sold out. yup. You heard that right. The group made this known on its official Facebook page, which has over 2 million followers.

But then, anyone who knows Die Antwoord wouldn’t be surprised by their European tour selling out. The group, which comprises Watkin Tudor Jones, Yolandi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek, is easily one of the oldest standing music groups in South Africa, strong despite the years together.

By the way, besides the European tour, the group is also gearing up to release a documentary called “ZEF.” So, besides the promise of a selling musical experience next year, fans of the group can also immerse themselves in the world of the group’s doccie. Now, that’s like a win-win for all involved not just the musicians but their fans as well. Can you beat that>

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