Dieketseng Mnisi: MaNtuli Of “Skeem Saam” Allegedly Gotten Married In Real Life (Photo)

Has Dieketseng Mnisi, who played the role of MaNtuli in the soaraway series “Skeem Saam” gotten married? Well, that is one question South Africans are asking right now. with some of them confused as to whether or not she’s taken.

The whole speculation was ignited after her on-screen daughter Inno Sadiki shared a picture of MaNtuli in a traditional outfit flaunting her ring. In the caption, she congratulated the actress on her successful lobola negotiations

MaNtuli herself has not said anything about being married, which has contributed to the confusion of many of her fans. Could this be just a stunt? Perhaps a scene from one of her movies?

The questions are many with seemingly no definite answer coming from the person who has the ultimate say – MaNtuli herself. Anyway, you can check out the post below. It has since gone viral on X.

It is still unclear whether MaNtuli has gotten married at this point. if she has, it would be a fulfilment of a dream of sorts. Another thing is that she wouldn’t be alone in her excitement, as the mere (unconfirmed) news of her wedding has already got her fans across South Africa jubilating.

Time will tell what’s changed for MaNtuli – Dieketseng Mnisi.

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