Dineo, Manaka, and Mpumi Ranaka Say They Were Not Talking for a Year Until Their Dad’s Birthday

Famous sisters Dineo, Manaka, and Mpumi Ranaka reveal they did not talk to each other for a year until their father’s birthday.

We have always loved the bond the Ranaka sisters share amongst themselves. They recently appeared on the Festive Get-Together, where they spoke about not speaking for one year until their father’s birthday, which brought them together.

Mpumi said, “It would have been sad for me to get married, which is something that is happening soon without my sisters being there. So, I am happy that we have reunited.”

Manaka revealed that when they were asked to be guests on the show, she was reluctant at first, thinking they may have known something about their fallout.

“Firstly, I asked myself why they would want the three of us: myself, Mpumi, and Dineo. What do they know? Do they know besingakhulimisani? (That  we were not on speaking terms) We didn’t know we would go through some healing process that we didn’t ask for,”

Manaka revealed they reconnected at their dad’s birthday party. “God works in mysterious ways. We have just started talking slightly because of our dad, after a year of not speaking. At the end of that evening, everyone was in tears; we were talking and bonding. There are unresolved issues, but we love each other. After all, we are siblings.”

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