Dineo Ranaka Addresses New Yorkers On Taking Their Mental Health Seriously

After a mental health scare that had many South Africans worrying for her, media personality Dineo Ranaka had dug from the bag of her experience to warn New Yorkers to take their mental health seriously.

Dineo struggled with depression and suicidal ideation recently. She posted about being suicidal on her verified Instagram page and South Africans rallied around her to ensure that she came out of it, She was admitted to a hospital but discharged herself in controversial circumstances.

Anyway, she flew into New York soon after (part of the Shisanyama USA team) where she met some of he compatriots, including MacG and DJ Tira.

While on stage, she spoke about mental health and her own struggles, encouraging her audience to always take time off and look after their mental health. She should know. After all, she has just survived some mental turbulence herself. You can check out the clip follows.

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