Dineo Ranaka Announced New Podcast After Kaya FM Fired Her

Mzansi media star Dineo Ranaka has announced a new podcast after sharing that she got fired from Kaya FM.

One of the best things about life is how fast things can change. We are so inspired by Dineo Ranaka’s life right now, and that is for good reason. A few days back, the radio star announced that she had been fired from Kaya FM.

Fans were shocked to hear the news and sent her encouraging words in the comments. She did not reveal any details on what caused the new development. However, a few days later, Ranaka had even better news to share with fans.

She announced she has joined McGyver’s Podcast and Chill Network, where she would debut her own hot show, “Dineo, on S*x’ n Stuff.” She shared her excitement about being free. The show will air on Spotify and YouTube at 3 pm on Tuesday. Knowing her fans, they would jump on it in support.

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