Suicidal Ideation: Manaka Ranaka Says Her Sister Dineo Ranaka Is Getting Help From Family

Dineo Ranaka Reveals She Was Fired At Kaya FM, Contrary To Reports Of Amicable Exit

South African radio presenter Dineo Ranaka has given some insight into her recent exit from Kaya FM, noting that, contrary to what people are saying online, she didn’t amicably leave the station but was fired amid her battle with depression.

Just recently, the presenter had taken to Instagram, she revealed her mental battles. She was suffering from depression, she noted, and was even suicidal. What had kept her from taking her own life was the fear of what might happen to her kids, whose fathers are apparently not in their lives.

South Africans rallied around her in her dark moment, especially with the spectre of Riky Rick’s suicide still haunting the Rainbow Nation. Thereafter, she had gone to the United States, where she spoke about the need for people to take their mental health seriously.

Along the line, it was reported that she had reached an agreement with Kaya FM to terminate her three-year contract with the station. The report circulated widely.

But now, Dineo has come online to dismiss the reports of an amicable exit from the station as untrue. She wrote that she was fired from the station and asked her herself what was next for her.

Well, what’s next for Dine?