Dineo Ranaka Says She Doesn’t Want A Boyfriend this Valentine’s Day

Popular Mzansi media star, says she does not want a boyfriend this Valentine’s.

It is exactly 8 days to Valentine’s day and everyone is gearing up to show love in various ways. Sadly, some will not be celebrating romantically because they have either chosen not to or do not have people to do it with.

Taking to her Instagram page, shared some thoughts on the coming love day. She sang the viral Valentine’s day song “Valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend?” Cutting herself off, she simply explained hilariously that her “future boyfriend is busy cheating with his future side chick”.

She ended things by telling her fans not to bother her because she does not want a boyfriend exclaiming “Chineke! (Meaning “God Almighty” in Nigerian Igbo language)”. Fans have taken to the comments section to laugh about her expressions in the video. A lot of them even agree with her.

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