Dineo Ranaka Talks Female DJs, on Blaklez, Spiritual Journey, Divorce, Podcasting & More on Podcast & Chill

How well do you know Mzansi singer and media personality Dineo Ranaka? Well, she’s just given clues into aspects of her life you probably didn’t know of previously in a chat with Podcast and Chill With MacG.

was a guest on the 339th episode of the (in)famous podcast and spoke about her emergence in the music industry and her growth since she came.

Given that she’s had children with different men, it was inevitable that she should also touch on the subject. Several dramas have erupted about her and her baby daddies and touched on those speaking to MacG.

She also discussed meeting the celebrated rapper and her relationship with him.

About her father, who many of her fans probably know nothing about, she had noted that he’s a high performer who had set the bar high for her. And now, she delights in aiming for nothing but the top.

Bullying on social media and the resultant depression were subjects the musician couldn’t ignore in her interview. So she covered those as well. On female DJs, of which she’s one, she’d noted that…

Oh, it’s like you never knew her. You can check out the detailed video interview below.

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