Dineo Ranaka Unmasked On The Masked Singer SA

If you cannot be saved on The Masked Singer SA, you will be unmasked. That’s part of the rules. It’s been an exciting experience for South Africans, following the show as one celeb after the other is unmasked on the platform.

One of the most unlikely of outcomes – for us anyway – played out recently, with the unmasking of Dineo Ranaka as one of the singers on the platform. Yeah, we didn’t see that coming, so it was a beat of a surprise when it happened.

For one, singing does not even appear to be her thing. She is more of a radio broadcaster. That’s where she excelled and made a name for herself as a South African.

Anyway, she has just been unmasked as the “Diamond” on the show. In case you are confused by the term, a contestant’s costume appearance is usually how they are addressed/ identified. Dineo Ranaka appeared and glittered like a diamond, hence the name.

Well, being unmasked was no big deal to her. She was more than happy to have been a part of the show, commenting, after being unmasked, that she had the most fun. You can check out the post below.

The question is, who will be unmasked next?

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