Dineo Ranaka’s Message To Savannah (Video)

Dineo Ranaka has a message for the alcohol brand Savannah. But how she chooses to pass across the message was a source of concern for many who saw the post she put up, addressed to the brand.

In a clip that showed her driving on a major road, the media personality had noted that the alcohol flavours from the brand are not suitable for South Africa. She said they needed to produce only “dry ones.”

It would have been just another admonition except that Dineo occasionally removed her hands from the steering while trying to focus on the camera she was recording with.

Her action provoked severe criticism from South Africans, who thought she was endangering her life and the life of other road users with her action.

Well, the public may not have agreed with how she shared the message or even the message she shared, but the DJ has at least made her point. It remains to be seen if the brand will take her advice and churn out flavours that align with what she said.

By the way, this isn’t the first time she has passed a message while driving. In fact, this year alone, she had released over five messages while driving.

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