Dineo Ranaka’s “Open ID With Dineo” Podcast Premiers Tomorrow, See Details

See the details of media star, Dineo Ranaka’s highly anticipated podcast “Open ID With Dineo” which is scheduled to premiere tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6.

If you follow Dineo Ranaka on her social media platforms, you know how hard she’s been working since the year started. The talented media star has also got something huge coming, and she’s been teasing it.

Dineo announced the coming premiere of her new podcast tagged “Open ID With Dineo.” We hear it is a tell-all podcast that will feature some of Mzansi’s most prominent names in a chat with her. Of course, knowing Ranaka, we will get to hear juicy deets about everything that matters and should matter.

An official account for the podcast on Instagram revealed that the podcast would premiere at precisely 3 pm on Wednesday, April 3, 2022. The podcast’s first episode will feature guest rapper, Blaklez in an exclusive interview with Ranaka. You can also check it out on YouTube on her channel, DineoRanaka. Also, do not forget to subscribe to get notifications.

While we are still hours away from the official premiere, Dineo has even more exciting plans for today. She announced that she will be hosting a public prescreening of the first episode of the podcast today with Jewel City. The prescreening is scheduled to happen this evening at 7 pm in Johannesburg.

Fans can watch it for free on the MovieNightSA Facebook channel. The screening is sponsored by Jewel City, Movie Night, Podcast And Chill with Mac G, Maligant Media, and Bigg Fun Music. Fans have reacted in excitement to the future podcast.

With a massive reputation as an On-Air personality, everyone knows that Dineo would undoubtedly deliver. She has also shared her gratitude for all the support her podcast has gotten so far. We can’t wait to see what she’s planned for us.

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