Dior Is Joining Forces With Thebe Magugu On A Charity Project

Global fashion brand Dior joins forces with These Magugu on a charity project.

You know how they say the little decisions we make today lead up to bigger events in the future? Well, whoever said that wasn’t wrong. When Thebe Magugu was a student at LISOF fashion school in Johannesburg, he did not know that one assignment would define a bigger part of his career in the future.

The fashion designer, amongst other students, was asked to interpret Christian Dior’s new look, the pinch-waisted, fan-skirted look that caused a stir in 1947. Women’s Wear Daily reports that “Magugu made his jacket in red, with ‘very small, rounded shoulders’ and many darts, and the skirt a swirling, full-circle style.”

Now 29, Magugu has been tasked by Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior to reinterpret the look anew to aid Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project, a charity that aids South African youth. In reaction to it, Magugu said, “It’s like I completed my homework eight years ago,”

WWD reports that “the limited-edition capsule collection drops on Oct. 27 at Dior’s flagship boutiques in Paris, France; New York, and Los Angeles, California.” Also, Dior made a donation to CTAOP, an organization established by Charlize Theron in 2007.

Magugu said in an interview, “I’m from a small mining town called Kimberly, a place which sometimes is completely overlooked on certain maps. But even there, people are very familiar with Christian Dior. It sort of revolutionized how women dress.”

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