“Disaster” – Social Media Users Comment on Paula Patton’s Roasted Chicken

Actress Paula Patton’s attempt to prepare her mother’s signature fried chicken has gone viral, but for the wrong reasons.

The clip about her frying misadventure was shared in early March but has only just gone viral after it was shared on other social media platforms, including Tik Tok.

In the trending video, she could be seen as she washed the chicken in cold water. After that, she’d doused the chicken with flour and started frying them. While the chicken was frying, she added season to it.

Social media users who saw the video thought she made a rookie’s mistake in the kitchen. Some thought she should have steamed the chicken with seasoning before frying them. Others thought she should, first of all, have added seasoning to the chicken and then topped it off with the flour before frying.

One Twitter user thought the cooking adventure was a disaster. Another insisted that her day was ruined by merely watching the video.

If there was someone who appeared unbothered, it was Paula Patton because, in the said video, she had looked fondly at what she had made. 

About that part, unimpressed fans said she was merely showing the actress part of her.

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