Disgraced Musician Brickz Reportedly Into Gospel Music, Other Projects In Prison

He sank into infamy after it was alleged that he raped a family member. The case ended up in court and he was convicted of rape. He was sent to the slammer, where he continued a new life, still insisting on his innocence. His name is Brickz.

He has since adjusted to being a prisoner, joining in the activities involving other prisoners. Not long ago, a clip surfaced online showing him in orange overalls leading a praise and worship session in prison. South Africans mostly smiled seeing the adjustment that had taken place.

Well, it has just been revealed that the disgraced musician has his hands in other piles as well, including making gospel music – and that is the most intriguing part because he was not known for gospel music previously.

A friend who visited him in jail gave insights into his current state, noting that the musician is now remorseful for his actions that earned him the conviction. He also noted that Brickz, whose birth name is Sipho Ndlovu, is a totally changed man who has ditched his music about women and is now focused on gospel music.

Brickz was handed a 15-year jail term after being found guilty of raping his niece.

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