Dismissed: Rape Case Against Euphonik and DJ Fresh

The rape case a lady instituted against South Africa’s DJ Fresh and his DJ pal Euphonik has been dismissed by the prosecutor for lack of merit.

Not long ago, a lady known as Madikizela had claimed both DJs raped her sometime in 2011 during a time out. Both had denied the crime for which they were accused, with DJ Fresh stating emphatically that he doesn’t know the lady.

At any rate, it is a moment of triumph and relief for the two artistes, the case having been dismissed. However, the dismissal of the case has provoked mixed reactions in South Africa, with some people saying that rich people will get away with anything in South Africa.

Some are happy for the two DJs, stating they have been vindicated; and yet others think the dismissal of the rape charge in no way means the two notable figures are innocent.

Following the dismissal of the case, the pair had released a statement stating they have been vindicated while regretting people should weaponize gender-based violence.

Dismissed: Rape Case Against Euphonik And Dj Fresh 2Dismissed: Rape Case Against Euphonik And Dj Fresh 3

What do you think of the dismissal of the rape case against DJ Fresh and Euphonik? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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