Diverse Musical Tastes Reflected in South Africa’s Radio Station Song of the Year Choices

South African Radio Stations Showcase Varied Preferences in Year-End Song Selections

In a vibrant display of South Africa’s diverse musical tastes, various radio stations across the country have announced their ‘Song of the Year’ choices, reflecting a wide range of preferences among listeners. The selections, which were revealed during the year-end crossover, highlight the rich tapestry of South African music.

Ukhozi FM, one of the country’s most prominent radio stations, chose “Umjolo” as their Song of the Year. However, this choice sparked some debate among listeners, with comments suggesting that Ukhozi FM’s selection might not represent the broader South African music scene.

In contrast, several other major radio stations, including Metro FM, 702, 2000, Motsweding, Ligwalagwala, and Kaya FM, unanimously selected “iPlan” by Dlala Thukzin as their top song. This widespread agreement across multiple stations underscores the track’s popularity and appeal.

Thobela FM, catering to the Limpopo region, broke away from this trend by selecting “Keneilwe” by Wanitwa Mos & Master KG as their Song of the Year. This choice was echoed by Munghana Lonene FM and PhalaPhala FM, both Limpopo-based stations, further solidifying the song’s regional popularity. “Keneilwe” has been praised for its beautiful message and melody, resonating deeply with listeners in the province.

Listeners shared their personal experiences with the songs, noting that “Keneilwe” was widely played and loved in many households. Some expressed their joy in dancing to “Keneilwe” with their families, highlighting the song’s ability to bring people together.

Despite the varied selections, some listeners expressed disappointment that “iPlan” was not chosen as the top song by more stations. However, others appreciated the diversity in choices, noting that it reflects the different tastes and preferences of South African radio audiences.

The debate and discussions around these selections illustrate the passion of South African music fans and the importance of radio as a medium for music discovery and enjoyment in the country. As 2023 unfolds, these songs will likely continue to resonate with listeners, marking their place in South Africa’s rich musical landscape.

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