DJ Ace – 30K YouTube Subscribers Milestone (Amapiano Mix)

DJ Ace – 30K YouTube Subscribers Milestone (Amapiano Mix)

Traditions are usually hard to erase. So when we see DJ Ace releasing “30K YouTube Subscribers Milestone (Amapiano Mix),” we shouldn’t be surprised. It is, after all, the tradition among South African musicians these days to release mixes to celebrate reaching certain milestones in their followership online.

Yes, they release new music to celebrate their fans and thank them for following them on social media, that was the basis for the mix in review.

Again, deciding to make it an amapiano mix would not surprise anyone who has been paying attention. Amapiano is the in-thing in South Africa at the moment. So the DJ thought it cool to serve something with a creamy buzz.

With his latest mix, DJ Ace joins a host of other South Africans who have appreciated their fans with mixes. You are welcome to check out what he has just put together. We love it. You should, too.

30K YouTube Subscribers Milestone (Amapiano Mix)

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