DJ Black Coffee Feels Mzansi Artist Promoters Need To “Step It Up”

South African super talented DJ and Producer, Dj Black Coffee gave his view about the music industry and stated the right measure to take at achieving the needed status.

The DJ having being in the industry for a so many years and with his achievement, was able to point out the issue he felt was affecting Mzansi artistes, which is lack of promoters. The artiste lamented that what they had at the moment were just people who own venues and clubs, whose major aims are just to enrich their own pockets and are not really passionate about the quality of music the artiste is producing .

He also talked on the fact that house music was dying slowly because most of the DJs are been forced to play what they are told to play, instead of what they actually like. The artiste further stated that he is working on creating a platform solely for House music.

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