DJ Blasts Annie’s Man Kgolo For Non-Payment

A DJ has called RHOD star Annie’s husband, Kgolo “Daguru” Mthembu, out for alleged non-payment.

It seems the year is going to be filled with so much drama because many artists and famous have been called out for non-payment. Nightclub owner and husband of RHOD star Annie is the latest person to be called out for the same reason.

DJ Wobbly recently took to social media to blast the businessman for booking him several times at his club and not paying for the work he did. Mthembu has been called the “guru” of Durban nightlife. According to a report by The South African, he owns various trendy lifestyle establishments, including Views At Twenty5, Rich Durban, and Luma Sunsets.

The DJ revealed that the businessman had not paid him since August last year, despite knowing him for over a decade.

“I have pulled up for you, getting loans from my friends just to get to your establishments and work. Getting loans to survive since August, and now, I’m back home staying with my mom again as a 32-year-old father.”

“It hurts me to do this but I have tried and tried to get answers about my payments for Rich and Views, till today I haven’t received any communication from you because no one else has answers.”

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