DJ Capital Celebrates Meeting His Role Model Diddy In Miami (Picture)

The dream of many is to get to meet their role models, But then, as you probably already know, not everyone gets to meet their idols, but when they do, they are usually over the moon. That was exactly the experience of DJ Capital as he got to meet his role model, the rapper and record producer Diddy.

Diddy is not just a rapper and record producer but a healthy entrepreneur as well, and he is much loved for his contributions to the entertainment universe. So DJ Capital pointing to him as a role model shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Apparently DJ Capital, a South African hip-hop DJ, had been dreaming of not only meeting his American counterpart but partying with him as well. The South African was in Miami recently, where he got to meet Diddy. It was a moment he had always wanted and shared the pleasures of the meeting in a post on his verified Instagram page.

He admitted he didn’t get to party with the American but their meeting would suffice in the interim until they meet again. For now, he’s luxuriating in the positive energy the American radiated when they met. That moment was frozen in time, as seen below.

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