DJ Clen Is Channeling Riky Rick As He Prepares For “Viral” Album Launch Concert

SA Hip Hop hitmaker DJ Clen is channeling the late Riky Rick as he prepares for his Viral Album Launch Concert.

Mzansi says DJ Clen released one of the best Hip Hop albums this year. Of course, A-Reece is credited to have helped make it happen. The talented DJ is set to host his Viral Album Launch Concert today, and he’s channeling Riky Rick’s energy.

He posted a clip of the later rapper saying, “Showing people that they have an opportunity to do something and if they want it bad enough they’re gonna make it happen,”

“Everybody makes music, and everybody can make music, but I was maybe blessed with a little skill to bring people together via my music and I wanna show other people that they gotta keep working at it to be able to share their skill with the world you know,” He also revealed it as the main reason he’s doing the launch.

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