DJ Clen On The Impact Of His Set At Reece Effect Johannesburg

Being a celebrity or famous figure means you are always in the spotlight – people are watching your every move, whether at your job or in your family. And they are ever ready to share their thoughts, whether you agree with them or not.

South African disc jockey and producer DJ Clen is the latest example of this reality, as evident in what happened following his set at compatriot and rapper A-Reece’s Reece Effect Johannesburg show.

DJ Clen was one of the DJs on the ground and he impressed a lot of people with his set, with some stating that it was pretty “clean” and some pointing out that he “killed it” – meaning he did excellently well during his performance.

Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising given that DJ Clen is one of the thriving hip-hop DJs who had a wonderful 2023 and is on the way to having a grand sign-out of the year and into the New Year.

Reacting to one of the fans who had praised him, DJ Clen acknowledged just how good he is and how much of an impact he can make with his set. You can check out the post below.

Dj Clen On The Impact Of His Set At Reece Effect Johannesburg 1

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the New Year holds for the muso.

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