DJ Cleo Allegedly In Breach Of R1 Million Home Contract With Standard Bank

South African celebs getting into one drama or the other over the financing of their homes is nothing new, and there is usually great interest when the news breaks into the open. This time, DJ Cleo is the man in the middle of the whole drama. The word out there is that he has just breached an R 1 million home contract with Standard Bank.

According to reports, Standard Bank had made several attempts to ensure that DJ Cleo fulfilled his part of the agreement but he rebuffed them until the case blew into the open.

Amid the whole controversy, South Africans have been showing support to the celebrated disc jockey and producer, with some encouraging him and letting him know that his current challenge is only temporary and he would soon get over it.

With the latest drama involving the DJ, he joins the league of a couple of other South African musicians who have had issues with their bank over their homes. Zahara is a recent example. At some point, it was rumoured that her home was about to be possessed over a debt.

By the way, at the time of writing, DJ Cleo had yet to address the claims publicly

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