DJ Cleo Graduates From Wits University With A Bachelor of Arts Degree

“Goodbye,” hitmaker DJ Cleo has graduated from Wits University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

We all love to hear exciting news. It is even more touching when the story is as inspiring as this one. Several Mzansi celebs, including Oskido, went back to school despite their fame. They have also shared their beliefs about getting a degree.

In February 2020, DJ Cleo announced he was about to take a step he had ignored for almost 20 years. According to him, it would take a lot of dedication, hardwork, sweat, and tears. He also shared that although he was nervous and scared, he hoped it would inspire people to take the step.

Fast forward to today, DJ Cleo has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wits University. The “Ndiya Ndiya” shared his excitement on social media, outlining some of the struggles he faced even during the pandemic—big congrats to him.

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