DJ Cleo Talks Thembi Seete & More In Sit-Down On Podacst & Chill – Watch

South African disc jockey and producer DJ Cleo has given some insight into how his associate and fellow musician Thembi Seete was cheated of the rights to a song. The songster shared this much during a recent appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

On the set of the podcast, he was questioned about Brown Dash’s “Phants’ Komthunzi Welanga,” one of the biggest kwaito songs in South Africa, and sje shared his thoughts, noting Thembi Seete’s role in its creation but how she was ultimately denied her credits.

He noted that the track was originally written by a certain vocalist, but he wasn’t “feeling” it. At the time, he was signed to TS records, and as a policy, their artists are not allowed to work with artists not part of the record label.

Anyway, the song later came out, but Thembi Seete’s role in not acknowledged. She got no credits. Apart from the lack of credits for the song, the DJ also touched on several other aspects of his music and life. You are welcome to check out the complete video interview in the embed below.

By the way, this isn’t the first time an artist has gone unacknowledged, although they might have contributed to the making of a song.

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