DJ Cleo’s Gcina Impilo Yam Music Video Featuring Bucy Radebe Hits 1M YouTube Views

DJ Cleo’s “Gcina Impilo Yam” music video with Bucy Radebe has reached an impressive 1 million YouTube views.

This milestone is particularly significant for the songster in that it is his first 1 million views on the video-sharing platform. Equally significant is that the music video took just about a month to reach that number.

Expectedly, he is excited about the numbers and has taken to social media to share his excitement, thanking his fans all the way. In his post, he made it clear that the support of his fans made the 1 million views milestone appear so effortless.

He thanked Bucy Radebe, his collaborator on the song, announcing that he is in pursuits of greater wins this year, while urging his fans to stay tuned for them.

DJ Cleo is one of South Africa’s music veterans. A maestro at the deck and turntables, he has retouched works of several Mzansi musos. Of course, besides that, he has numbers wholly his own.

Well, what do you think of DJ Cleo reaching his first 1 million views on YouTube with  “Gcina Impilo Yam” music video? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!


Dj Cleo'S Gcina Impilo Yam Music Video Featuring Bucy Radebe Hits 1M Youtube Views 2


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