DJ D Double D Defends White People For Bulk Purchases & Blames Retailers!

DJ D Double D defends white people for bulk Purchases and blames retailers

defendant white people for bulk buying at grocery stores, and blames retailers.

Remember seeing videos online where people abroad engage in panic buying at retail stores? You do? Well, the same purchase frenzy is currently in South Africa. It’s sad but true, and this is due to the stay-at-home policy many have begun.

At the beginning of the week, the president addressed the current epidemic and advised everyone to stay safe. Seems we all took it to heart because grocery stores have been cleared out of supplies. According to reports, these bulk purchases were mostly made by white people and it has brought the mind the topic of “racism”.

Defending white people, Mzansi , D Double D announced that it isn’t white people’s fault that they can afford these things. According to him, blacks would do the same if they had the money. He also blamed retailers who he said should have made policies to prevent such purchases.

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