DJ D Double D Makes Hip Hop DJing More Affordable With New Course

DJ D Double D introduces new Hip Hop DJing Course

DJ D Double D introduces an affordable new course to Hip Hop DJing.

You may nor may not have noticed but there are more DJs in almost all the other genres of music in Mzansi than in SA Hip Hop. While SA Hip-hop is one of the most recognized and thriving genres in all of Mzansi, it is shocking how there aren’t much DJs tied to the genre.

No one said there aren’t any Hip-hop DJs because DJs PH, and Zan D exist, but they aren’t as much as you’d expect. Although no one has tried to change much about that, talented Mzansi Disc Jockey, DJ D Double D has risen to the rescue.

The talented Hip-Hop disc jockey recently took to Twitter to announce plans to start a Hip-hop DJing course which reportedly costs only R4000. This is in partnership with Pioneer DJ, and it aims at grooming more Hip-hop DJs to challenge the competitive market.

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