DJ Fresh Accused Of Rape Again, By Another Woman

It looks like more trouble is brewing for DJ Fresh as another woman has taken to Twitter to accuse him of rape, just days after the rape case against him (filed by Madikizela) was dismissed for lack of merit.

The new lady, who goes by the Twitter handle @TheKingsTing (Thrill Scott-Heron), stated she had been aware of the DJ’s predatory behaviour since she was in high school, only she couldn’t call it rape at the time.

She also made it known she is aware DJ Fresh and his satraps might attack her because of her revelation, stating she has got strong institutional backing as well as proof of her accusations against the DJ.

Thrill Scott-Heron’s profile indicates she is a write and curator. Her allegations against the DJ follows his release of a statement (in collaboration with Euphonik) stating the key witness Madikizela had brought for the case denied being where Madikizela said she (witness) was at the time.

Last we checked, DJ Fresh has not responded to the new allegation against him. Will he?

What do you think of the latest rape allegations against the DJ? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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