DJ Fresh Hails Wife As She Speaks On Their Co-Parenting Reality – Watch

Thabiso Sikwane, the estranged wife of South African disc jockey and radio personality DJ Fresh, had many of her comaprriots smiling over how she has managed to maintain amity with her estranged husband and continue to parent their four kids without drama.

By her own account, nothing has change in their parenting lives. She would not ay they are co-parenting as a result. Each parent plays an active role in the lives of their four kids without any drama. She is grateful to God for the wisdom to handle the situation with maturirty.

In a clip shared on Instgaram, she encouraged men to be active in the lives of their children. The same verdict goes to the women as well. she should know. She is, after all, an example of the beauty of remaining calm and mainianting a good relationship with the father of her children. You can check ut the clip below.

DJ Fresh is himself please with the relationship he has with his wife and children despite his divorce. Reacting to Thabiso, he had praised her to the high heavens, describing her as the mom of the year. This point to the two of them still having a good reltionship.

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