DJ Fresh Reacts Viral Clip Of Skomota Wanting To Work With Him

Famous Mzansi DJ Fresh has opened up about the viral clip of Skomota wanting to work with him, Riky Rick, and AKA, and what it means to him.

Skomota has been one of the most talked-about people in the country since last year. The viral dance sensation has dominated the news several times, and Netizens cannot get enough of him.

The star made waves last year when a video of him listing the artists he wants to work with went viral. In the video, Skomota lists dead artists, including AKA and Riky Rick, and is told that they are late. He then lists DJ Fresh as one of the people he would like to collaborate with.

Speaking recently on his popular podcast, WAW! What A Week, DJ Fresh opened up about what he thought of the video. He revealed that millions of people had sent it to him expecting him to have a hilarious reaction, but he thought about it analytically instead.

According to him, he imagined how much of an impact he, AKA and Riky Rick, had on the culture that someone with special needs would want to work with him. His words touched Mzansi’s soul and they praised him for it.

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