DJ Hlo Dismisses Rumors That She’s Set To Become Musa Zulu’s Second Wife

South African dis jockey DJ Hlo has rubbished claims that she’s set to be a second wife to a wealthy record label owner, Musa Zulu.

City Press, quoting an anonymous source, noted that DJ Hlo’s relationship with Musa was a badly kept secret and that peeps in their circle are very much aware of it. The source insisted that DJ Hlo s set to be Musa’s second wife.

However, reacting to the claims, DJ hlo dismissed them immediately, stating that she is not dating anyone at the moment. She insisted she’s single and not in any relationship.

With the songstress denying any form of entanglement at the moment, it would be interesting to see what follows her denial. One thing is clear, however, the said anonymous song will be proven wrong or right.

By the way, DH Hlo has been in the music industry for a while, but it wasn’t until she won the Ukhozi FM Song of the Year in 2021 that her name began resonating with many across social media.

Even then, her win had elicited controversy, with some social media users noting they never heard of her until she was announced as the winner of the Song of the Year.

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