DJ Kaled and Drake Popping Two Songs This Week | Watch Teaser

The beard gang of DJ Khaled and is about to beard y’all outta boredom with “Pop Chune.” Already, the pair has realized a teaser of the song.

It popped on DJ Khaled’s Instagram page two days ago, with DJ Khaled stating his album mode has been activated. The reception has been overwhelming. In fact, the last time we checked, the teaser has over 1.2 million views.

It has emerged that, contrary to what was revealed earlier, DJ Khaled will in fact be releasing two collaborations this week. He is excited about the imminent songs, which he said will drop one after the other. His fans are equally excited, as evident from their reactions to his Instagram post, and his follow-up tweet.

The songs will be available from Thursday 16 July by 12 midnight. Friday and the song should be buzzing around the world.

History tells us and DJ Khaled have worked together previously. From the quality of their previous numbers, it is save to say the imminent songs will bear some thunder that might keep fans warm a long time.

DJ Khaled has hinted at this already. Well, we are watching, ready to bring you the songs when they drop. Subscribe to our feed and stay tuned for updates.

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