DJ Karabo “Miss Ducasse” Is Dead

South African disc jockey and producer DJ Karabo is dead. The news of her passing sent shockwaves throughout South Africa’s entertainment industry, as none had seen it coming.

There’s been no official statement about her passing yet, but she’s already popped on the trends list on Mzansi Twitter, with many mourning her passing and others wondering why she should die young.

Prior to her passing, though, she had indicated she narrowly escaped death and was hospitalized. She had also indicated she was tired of the needles and wanted to be well again.

What exactly happened that made her visit the hospital, she didn’t say. But it’s even sadder to know that she’s no longer on the material plane. Her fans and associates have been memorializing her on the platform since.

To some, her death hit so hard because it happened just days to a new year. You can check out some posts below.


By the way, details about her funeral have not been published. But then we’re following events keenly and will bring you more details as they drop. You may want to subscribe to our newsfeed, follow our social media channels right away and stay tuned for updates.

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