Dj Karabo’s Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

DJ Karabo’s family has finally revealed the cause of her death.

The death of popular Mzansi Disc Jockey, DJ Karabo hit everyone like a major shocker. We all did not expect it as she had only announced a few days before her death that she escaped death. She also called the encounter “trauma beyond anything” and said that it was nothing anyone should experience.

In the post, she revealed how much she wanted to live, and how much she asks God every night for life. Following her passing, Karabo’s family has revealed the cause of her death to be complications from abdominal surgery. Her family also revealed that they were grateful for the outpour of love they’ve received from her peers and her fan base especially since she passed.

Fans and fellow celebs have since flooded social media with heartbroken reactions to her death. May her rest in perfect peace.

The past 24 hours have demonstrated the love and respect Karabo enjoyed from her peers and, most importantly, her fan base. For this, we are indebted to the industry that she loved so dearly.” – Karabo’s family.

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