DJ Kaygo Announces “Nou Di Laas” Featuring Focalistic, Tweezy & Makwa

DJ Kaygo announces new song "Nou Di Laas" featuring Focalistic, Tweezy and Makwa

DJ Kaygo announces a brand new collaboration with Focalistic, Tweezy, and Makwa titled “Nou Di Laas”.

As they always say, good things do not come easy. When they arrive, they make a huge impact. That’s definitely going to be the story of DJ Kaygo’s upcoming single.

Well, the story he’s telling about it isn’t an easy one. The Mzansi hit maker recently took to his Instagram page to announce the coming release of the song which he titles “Nou Di Laas”. He shared the song’s cover photo which features photos of his collaborators, Focalistic, Tweezy, and Makwa, and his of course.

In the post’s captions he spoke a bit about the challenges which surrounded the song’s creation. According to him, it is “by far the toughest song” he’s had to put together.

5/06/20 #NouDiLaas 🤘🏾
This is by far the toughest song I’ve had to put together, we’ve experienced challenges at every point of making this joint – it felt like we were under Murphy’s Law for 5 months 🤞🏾from crashing computers, load shedding, missing vocals to the police interrupting our session, there are maaany stories 💀😭. I need to really unlock the story on video but for now please run up my comments with 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

He revealed that they suffered missing vocals, computer crashes and more before the song got finished. He announced the release date to be 5th June, that’s 4 days from now.

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