DJ Kotini Slams Promoters Hiring Slay Queens And Not Him

Popular Mzansi DJ Kotini has slammed promoters who hire slay queen and not him and his colleagues.

DJ Kotini is opening up about a trend he says has been happening in the music industry, which he fears might affect his mental health. According to him, promoters do not hire actually talented DJs but choose to hire slay queens who do not know the job.

In a statement to Zimoja, the DJ said, “They prefer half-na*ed girls who call themselves DJs over us. This is really frustrating because we put hard work into this, yet we are overlooked.”

He also revealed that it was the cause of depression, “I now understand why artists get depressed, we also have loved ones who are dependent on us- this is our bread and butter. We need to put bacon on the table but if we not getting any bookings because of talentless people then we are doomed”

“If we are not getting any bookings because of talentless people, then we are doomed.”

A source for the publication says it isn’t true. The source claimed that his lack of bookings was caused by an alleged drug bust in 2022. Kotini was allegedly found with drugs with Big Nuz member Danger.

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