DJ Lamiez Buries Troll On Twitter

Social media opens celebs to serious trolling by other users of social media apps. South African disc jockey and singer Lamiez Holworthy is no exception.

Now and again, the trolls hit at her. But the songstress usually responds to the trolls in dignified ways. Sometimes she responds not at all.

Just recently, though, a Twitter user had stated in a tweet that the songstress looks like a man. Lamiez Holworthy replied that she might be more of a man than the troll could ever be. And she could live with that. The response silenced the troll.

Some fans who saw her response thought it quite classy, and they commended her for it. You can check out the thread below.

Previously, a Twitter user had wondered when she would be giving her husband a child. She had a classy response to that troll as well.

By the way, Lamiez Holworthy is married to fellow musician Khuli Chana. The two have a serious bond and many look up to them for couple goals.

What do you think of Lamiez Holworthy’s response to the troll? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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