DJ Levels Reportedly “Missing” After Sex Tape Leak

It appears like the ground is no longer level for DJ Levels and the musician had reportedly gone missing after his sex tape surfaced on social media.

Gow the clip managed to link online remains a puzzle. But then, it wouldn’t have been out if it wasn’t recorded in the first place. What could have happened to DJ Levels and make him vanish after the tape leaked? The question itself remains unanswered.

DJ Levels, whose real name is Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, had gone viral after a picture of his nude and a clip of his amorous moment with hip hop ace Shashl popped online.

In a post on Sunday, his associate DJ Fantan noted that he had been unable to get in touch with DJ Levels after his nudes leaked online. He added some encouraging words in his post to pre-empt the DJ from harming himself one way or the other. Following that statement, word had gone around that the DJ and producer was missing.

And with DJ Levels not coming out to disprove the claims, it is quickly gaining traction. How soon until details emerged about his whereabouts remains to be seen.

With the leak, the Zimbabwean becomes one of many celebs to suffer that fate.

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