DJ Maphorisa Advises Fans against Appearing On Mac G’s Podcast

Amapiano DJ and producer has claimed that going to the Podcast and Chill With MacG might ruin the career of an artist.

The songster, during an Instagram Live session with fans, revealed that MacG called him before airing his interview with Howard and Mlindo the Vocalist (Maphorisa’s former protégés).

He bid MacG go ahead with whatever he had planned to air, indirectly revealing that he wasn’t much concerned with it. Ultimately, he had advised his fans and fellow musicians to steer clear from the podcast, claiming it might hurt their careers. You can check out the clip below.

It is interesting the songster should make that claim after two of his protégés were interviewed on the podcast and revealed that he basically used them and that he wanted them to ditch their genres for amapiano.

Fans of had been shocked by that revelation, and they bid him clear his name or they will cancel him.

Well, has got something else to say, and it’s telling whoever would listen not to accept an interview with Podcast and Chill. It remains to be seen if his fans and associates will take his advice. Stay tuned if you please.

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