DJ Maphorisa Doesn’t Care That English Is Not His Strong Suit

DJ Maphorisa says he doesn't care that English isn't his strong suit

Maphorisa reveals he doesn’t care that English is not his strong suit.

Since we have known “Soweto Baby” hit maker, Maphorisa, it has been obvious that he doesn’t have a good command of the English Language. Sometimes, the things he writes are not very comprehensible but we all love him the same.

The Mzansi star has been called out many times for not speaking good grammar, but he always owns up to it. Getting back to his usual trolling of rival, , Phory ended up shooting himself in the foot. Reacting to Kaybee’s tweet which was indirectly aimed at him, the DJ proved he not only can’t write well in English, he also doesn’t understand it well.

Fans made fun of his efforts to troll for supposed “bad English”. In the end, he admitted he doesn’t know English well but that he’s still proud. What a great way to own your mistakes.

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