DJ Maphorisa Slashed Over “Cheap” Stove & Pots

South African musician DJ Maphorisa is famous for his love of luxury and designers but it appears like this love for designers and luxury does not extend to the kitchen — or so fans are saying. 

In a clip shared on his Instagram which was downloaded from there and spread through multiple social media platforms, DJ Maphorisa could be seen cooking. Most visible in the clip was a steaming pot of chicken. 

Fans weren’t really concerned about what was being cooked but what the famous DJ and producer was cooking with — the posts and stove. 

Some of his followers mocked him for using “cheap” pots and a stove. One of his critics even went as far as saying that the musician readily splurged R25k on sneakers but was using an R100 pot. You can check out the clip below.

This isn’t the first time he’d shared a picture of himself in the picture, but this clip has generated the most controversies so far of his kitchen posts. 

Previously, he shared a picture of him in the kitchen, and several high-end gadgets were in view, including the Smeg brand. Maybe he wasn’t thinking too much in the direction of designers this time. Lol.

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