DJ Maphorisa Wants To Be On SA’s All Time Rappers List

Mzansi Disc Jockey and producer, Maphorisa wants to be on the list of SA’s rappers of all time.

Is there ever a time when Maphorisa isnt cracking us up? Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining celebs on social media, the Mzansi star knows exactly how to make us smile.

His recent reaction to a list of SA’s best rappers of all time had fans bursting into laughter. Porry simply quoted the list which was shared on Twitter, and wrote, “sbwl one day is one day”. Of course you know what that means. It just means that he’ll be on the list someday.

Of course, everyone knows Porry to be one of the country’s most versatile music producers, but we have no idea if he can rap. A user, JM Nkwane commented saying that the rappers would be using him to “fight their battles” if he finds himself on the list.