DJ Miss Pru Opens Up About Her Mental Health Struggles

SA Hip Hop DJ Miss Pru has opened up about her mental health struggles in a recently shared tweet.

The issue of mental health struggles affects everyone. It doesn’t matter how rich and successful you are. Lately, many of Mzansi’s biggest stars have opened up about their struggles and how much they’ve invested in getting better.

From Lady Du to J Molley, Toss, Sir Trill, and more, Mzansi’s biggest stars have prioritized stepping away from the seven to get better. Sadly, some have succumbed to the pressure. In a recently shared tweet, “Price To Pay” star Miss Pru opened up about her mental health struggles.

She hinted at a time when she didn’t feel like herself, and revealed that she’s doing much better now. She also revealed that taking care of oneself should be a priority. We are glad that she is better now. Hopefully, she drops more tunes soon.

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