DJ Pre_Tedzo & Mandy ZA ft. DeSoul & Tribal Soul – Let It Go

A Fresh Blend of Afrobeat and Electronic Dance Vibes

The South African music scene has been graced with a new hit as DJ Pre_Tedzo collaborates with Mandy ZA, DeSoul, and Tribal Soul to release “Let It Go.” This track has been generating buzz in the Amapiano world, a genre that’s rapidly gaining global recognition.

“Let It Go” is celebrated for its unique blend of Afrobeat’s dynamic tempo with the percussive elements of electronic dance music. This fusion creates an exciting and innovative sound, enriching the South African musical tradition with a transcontinental flair. The production quality of the track is noteworthy, skillfully combining South African drums and historically significant Nigerian instruments, leading to a powerful and varied soundtrack.

The collaboration brings together the impressive vocal talents of Mandy ZA, DeSoul, and Tribal Soul, each contributing their unique verses to the song. Their involvement adds depth and variety to the track, showcasing their artistry while complementing the overall musical composition.

This new release is not just a song but an experience that takes listeners on a journey of euphoria. With its infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics, “Let It Go” is a true liberation anthem. It’s a track that stands out for its creative production, mixing, and ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level.

DJ Pre_Tedzo’s “Let It Go” is more than just a song; it demonstrates the evolving and dynamic nature of the Amapiano genre. It’s a must-add to the playlist of anyone who appreciates the fusion of traditional and modern musical elements.

For fans of Amapiano and South African music, “Let It Go” is available for streaming and download, promising to be a joy to the ears and a hit on the charts

Let It Go

Let It Go (feat. DeSoul, Tribal Soul)

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