DJ Rico Is Set to Release A Single, ‘Tell Me’ ft. Golden Black, YoungstaCPT And Jay Hood

DJ Rico is set to release his upcoming single titled, 'Tell Me.'

The year, 2020, has been an eventful one so far in the South African hip hop scene, with several talented artists releasing singles that we have been highly anticipating for a long time.

Talented hip hop DJ and producer, DJ Rico, is also set to release a song that will leave us thrilled. The popular producer is set to release his single titled, ‘Tell Me.’ By next week Friday.

The DJ upcoming and highly-anticipated single feature the Twitter sensation, Jay Hood, Golden Black, as well as the talented rapper, YounstaCPT.

Talented artist, DJ Rico, has released hit songs including Afro Phunkya, My Paradise Garage, Room 1909, Check Out My Flow, and so on.

How DJ Rico managed to effectively select such special talents for a collaboration still leaves us amazed. We are looking forward to next week Friday, to listen to the hit song.

Watch the snippet video below:

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