DJ Rob Forbes Leaves 5FM After 7 Years

After 7 tears at 5FM DJ Rob Forbes has bid goodbye to the radio station and the fans of the Forbes and Fix Show which he hosted alongside Fix Moeti.

A day ago, Rob Forbes had released a statement on announcing his departures from the radio station, stating he was grateful to have moved from campus radio straight into the real world and grateful to have hold on for as long as he did.

Actually, the idea of him leaving had been on the table since 2020. It was his plan to leave, and he had informed management earlier.

According to him, the most interesting experience on the beat was in 2020 during the lockdown spawned by the coronavirus pandemic. Radio may have given him the opportunity to meet some of his heroes and other important people, but it is time for him to leave, and he’s leaving.

Like DJ Rob Forbes. Fix Moeti also said goodbye to radio in an post. Where her co-host created a collage to announce his departure, Fix wrote out her message on Instagram, sharing a picture of her in the studio. You can check their goodbye messages below.

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