DJ Sbu Addresses His “Fall” From The Top & Claims He’s Broke

South African radio Dj and entrepreneur DJ Sbu divided netizens by admitting that he had fallen to hard times and had to downgrade from a life for which he was already famous.
Years ago, DJ Sbu was one of the top names in broadcasting. The money was rolling in and the man was spending like nobody’s business. But it appeared like reality had dealt him some pretty savage slaps and now he is back to earth and reflective.
His latest admission followed the failure of the Fired FM venture with his associates Euphonik, DJ Fresh and Tbo Touch. All had been fired from their [position as presenters in different stations and thought to come together to establish something of their own, with “Fired” – referencing how they lost their jobs – as the company name.

Anyway, DJ Sbu isn’t blaming anyone for his fall. He readily took full responsibility, as you can see from the clip of him speaking on how he lost his way and lost most of the dough.

It remains to be seen how he navigates his current station and if he would pop into the top of the league again. You are welcome to stay tuned for more details.

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